Cleanliness, maintenance and non-medical operating of Al Amal hospital for Mental Health in Al Dammam

ministryofhealthThe contract includes operating and fixation of all non-medical tools and equipments in the hospital and its attached facilities. The role of the contractor is limited to, operating all machines, equipments, facilities and buildings, plus cleaning of all internal and external facilities including road and floors of the buildings and surrounding area to the main entrance in addition to the gates. Also include hospital medical garbage disposal, offering security and safety services by the gates, fixing and operating communication systems, maintenance of the buildings and vehicles, fixing and operating laundry machines, fixing and maintenance of all copy machines, computers, surveillance devices and any other devices or technical non-medical systems.

The maintenance and repair of the medical equipments and tools for the centers and hospitals in the Eastern Region

ministryofhealthThe contract includes several centers and hospitals comes covered with maintenance for the medical equipments and tools , it include(Dammam Medical Complex, with its companion, the toxins center and the national lab - The moving team in Al Dammam and the centers attached to it, in addition to, the ophthalmology specialized hospital – The moving team in Al Nairyah and the centers related to the team – Al Khafgi general hospital and the centers attached to it – Ra's Al Tanora hospital – the health centers in the area) . The contractor role is determined by, offering the periodic maintainence and repairing, testing and re-trial running of the medical equipements in addition to supplying the Spare parts and consumables materials for the repair of appliances and medical equipment mentioned in the contract.

Provide cleanliness and gardening services for King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

kfupmThe total area that the university facilities are built on reaches 4 km 2, divided into several areas (The area of basic education – The residential area… etc)

The area of basic education: Serves the support services for maintenance and warehouses, the clinic, the entertainment center and sports stadiums.

The residential area: it is related to the entertainment areas and research areas, which located on the Half Moon Gulf which is also known by the university beach.

The contractor role is to provide the cleanliness, disinfection services and gardening in addition to the several municipal services, offered by a team of technicians and managers to supervise the skilled and regular technical workers. Supplying the electrical and mechanical consumable materials, equipments and tools… etc.

Maintenance, operation and cleanliness of King Abdullah military city in Al Hasa

qwatmosalahaThe city consists of a brigade, three mechanized infantry battalions, and an artillery battalion, a battalion for supplying and purveyance and Saraya supporting them (Engineering, signaling, reconnoitering).

The project includes executing the managerial facilities, individual's residence, officers' residence, the dining halls, mosques, warehouses, maintenance facilities, training grounds, sports centers, recreational and cultural centers for officers and individuals. In addition, the infrastructure works which include the networks for water, electricity, phone lines, sanitation and irrigation. The contract also includes the roads, agricultures works, gardening, lightening and water tanks works… etc.

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