Cleanliness and Horticulture of the buildings and facilities of King Faisal University, Al-Hasa

kingfaisaluniversityThe university was founded in 1975, Al-Hofof city, Then the building for the specialized faculties was established in the university, including (Faculty of science and foods, faculty of veterinary medicine, faculty of business administration and the faculty of computer science and information technology… etc.). The university includes several scientific centers that support the university management, academic, environmental and societal projects. This project includes the documentation center, managerial communication, the Camel research center, the national center for creativity and skill research, the center of water studies, the center of science unity, measurement center, Educational Evaluation center, the training station for agricultural and veterinary researches and the English language center attached to it… etc.

The contractor role is defined to be supplying the internal and external cleanliness services for the offices, headquarters, study classes, labs, halls, floors, toilets, elevators, cleaning the marble and glass facades of buildings, sanitary and collecting medical and chemical waste works, in addition to, the cleaning of the Asphalt surfaces, sidewalks, university streets, parking lots and sport stadiums. In addition, electricity, mechanics, and insects control works… etc.