Our Group

SRG-LogoSRACO is a part of Saeed Raddad Group of companies which has strong business presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group also has active presence in Kuwait,UAE and Bahrain. Its services are ranging from Consulting, to Operations & Maintenance, Construction, Manufacturing , Hospitality Industry and so on. The group’s payroll extends to more than 10,000 people from different nations.The group is highly successful and consistently expanding its lines of business to other industries. Below are the partial list of companies the group is currently operating:

  • SRACO Consulting Services Division
  • SRACO Operations & Maintenance Division
  • SRACO Construction Division
  • SRACO Industrial Services Division
  • SRACO Industrial Inspection Services Division
  • SRACO Software Projects & Solutions Division
  • Global Travel Solutions
  • Dammam Palace Hotel
  • Traffic Signals Technologies (TST)
  • FredericM Affiliate
  • Al Razi Pharma Industries
  • Fun Time Theme Park
  • Saudi Industrial Detergents Company (SIDCO)
  • National Detergent Powder Factory (NDPF)
  • Paper preparation & Plastic bags Factory (RNTC)
  • Promed TV Channel

We, at SRACO, take pride of serving more than a hundred companies in the local and international areas. We already serve some popular companies and we are looking forward to serving you in the near future.