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Committed to Superior Quality & Results

Honest, Innovation and Safety since 1984


Who We Are


SRACO is a trusted name for vigorous, sustainable and tailored facilities management services to public and private organizations in Saudi Arabia since 1984 creating value through expertise. 

SRACO is a leader in facility management in Saudi Arabia translates professionalism and excellence. We take pride in providing facility management solutions to our esteemed clients that are both customized and modern. At SRACO, we believe in creating an experience that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We focus on creating value for our stakeholders that strengthens their trust in our expertise. Through our unmatched and efficient services, we help clients focus on their core operations while paving their way towards growth and sustainability.


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed



Professional Employees

Business Clients


"As an investment partner, we combine global and national expertise that continuously contributes to finding the right solutions and providing the best services in all fields."

Saeed Raddad Al Zahrani


What We Do

SRACO is a Leading Quality Projects

About us

Since its establishment in 1984, it has become a significant contributor to the economy, investment, and industry’s growth and prosperity. It has developed into one of the largest groups to succeed in the kingdom. The group is keen to provide distinguished, valuable, and high-quality services.

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We strive to render services reflective of our efficiency and are committed to providing superior quality and results.

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We aim to provide our clients with outstanding service, value, and quality.

We will continue to achieve this goal through a total commitment to exceed the clients› expectations, personal attention, dedication, and just plain hard work.

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs


Operation & Maintenance

Consulting Services

Industrial Services

Human Recourses

Facility Management

Information & Communication Technology

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

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