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SRACO is a trusted name for vigorous, sustainable, and tailored facilities management services to public and private organizations in Saudi Arabia since 1982, creating value through expertise grow with SRACO.
SRACO as a leader in facility management in Saudi Arabia, translates professionalism and excellence.

We take pride in providing facility management solutions to our esteemed clients that are both customized and modern. At SRACO, we believe in creating an experience tailored to our client's specific needs.

We focus on creating value for our stakeholders and strengthening their trust in our expertise. We help clients focus on their core operations through our unmatched and efficient services while paving their way toward growth and sustainability.

Find an efficient way of working with SRACO, A total Facilities Management Services Company in Saudi Arabia.


We strive to render services reflective of our efficiency and are committed to providing superior quality and results.


We aim to provide our clients with outstanding service, value, and quality. We will continue to achieve this goal through a total commitment to exceed the clients› expectations, personal attention, dedication, and just plain hard work.

About Saeed Raddad Group

Saeed Raddad Group is an Investment Holding Group. Under its spectrum, there are diverse leading companies operating in various sectors: Construction and Manufacturing, Operation and Maintenance, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Facilities Management, Information and Communication Technology, Travel and Tourism, and Manpower Supply. Therefore, Saeed Raddad Group is considered the ideal investment partner and the best choice.

Saeed Raddad Group is based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It serves most regions of the Kingdom and GCC countries and is looking forward to international and global expansion.


Saeed Raddad Group was founded about four decades ago.
Since its establishment in 1984, it has become a significant contributor to the economy, investment, industry growth, and prosperity. Saeed Raddad Group developed into one of the largest groups to succeed in the kingdom. The group is keen
to provide distinguished, valuable, and high-quality services.

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