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SRACO HR provides qualified and well-trained manpower to support all commercial, Industrial, Technical, and Domestic sector activities.



SRACO HR Company provides necessarily qualified candidates with well-trained skills and qualified manpower services of various professions and nationalities for all customers’ requirements for both public and private sectors.


Personal / Individual Sector:

We provide highly qualified and trained domestic workers that help make the lives of the individuals more practical and in comfortable way. We are offering the below services based on the selection of the clients’ satisfaction:

Hiring by System Clock

Monthly / Annual Hiring

Mediation Services


Business Sector

We provide Human Resources Services based on high-quality standards and a professional way to fit the requirements of the business sector facilities. We are offering the below-specialized services to fulfill the clients’ goals with accuracy and flexibility:

Mediation Services

Rental Services



SRACO HR Company provides the necessary qualified domestic, trained workers from several countries.

Personal / Individual Sector Packages:

Hourly Services:

Cleaning Packages.

Children’s Care Packages.

Care Packages.

Hospitality Packages.


Monthly Hiring – Annual:

The hiring commitment with our clients to meet their needs of standard and specialized domestic workers upon completion of all the private & governmental requirements is the employer’s responsibility to provide food & accommodation.


Mediation Services:

The intermediation service in domestic workers recruitment from the available countries for all domestic occupations and for all the clients who obtained their visas from (Musaned).

Business Sector Packages:

Facility Management Services

Oil and Gas Services

Industrial Services

General Services

Building Maintenance Services



Hospitals, Pharmacy & Medicine

Education Sector

Health Sector

Retail Sector


Operation & Maintenance



The personal safety and health of each employee is our primary importance. To the greatest degree possible, management will provide all means required for personal safety and health in keeping with the highest standards, i.e., safety orientation and safety awareness and a loss prevention program. The prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses will be given priority.

Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) The program is to reinforce SHRC management’s commitment to:


Providing a safe workplace for all employees.

Comply with all governmental regulations.

Meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

Convey the responsibilities and authority of each level of employees.

Outline some of the procedures necessary to accomplish the goals.



SRACO HR Company provides the necessary thorough orientation about their employers, working conditions, good manners and etiquette, details of cultural nuances, and many others about the working environment and the norms & customs of the kingdom that will help the employees feel at ease and can start with confidence and with a smile.



- Ma'aden Phosphate Company

- Lulu Saudi Hypermarket

- Total Safety 

- East West Hyper Market (NESTO)

- King Abdullah Economic City


Let's Work Together

        +966 920004498

P.O. Box 6669 – Dammam, 31452 

- Al-Moraikebat, Othman bin Affan St. 

- Al Houfof, Al-Rawodhah, King Abduallah Rd.

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